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Here at Nang Towers music may be our number 1 love, but Science Fiction is right up there in at number 5 (the usual ones are in slots 2,3 and 4). We grew up on a diet of TV Sci-Fi. As luck would have it, so did a lot of the producers we work with…. Cue the excuse for a shameless series of Sci-Fi theme cover albums. Welcome to Volume 1 of "From The Stars".

Things open up with Architeqs take on the John Carpenter killer-car thriller theme 'Christine'. The Scotsman using moody analog synth pads and some fine drumming to maximum effect. Next its time for some tight red catsuits and rat-eating as Milan based Love Supreme deliver their version of 'V' (or 'The Visitors' for our European friends). Love Supreme driving the groove home with a driving real bass line and clanky synths.

Over to Deutschland now with Justus Köhncke. He cleverly mixes up a 'La Vie En Rose-like' rhythm with the bleepy melody from the German TV 60's classic. Next up are two more offerings from the perennial director-musician master that is John Carpenter. Belgian King DJ goes for the jugular-catchy lead line of 1981's 'Escape From New York' and Slovenian Sare Havlicek synths-up 'Pork Chop Express' from Big Trouble In Little China.

'V' must have been one popular show in Italy... as from all the Sci-Fi shows out there another Italian buddy – Bottin - also chose to cover the main theme. We loved them both so much they both had to be included. Bottin as ever displays his italo roots and mastery of the synthesizer, one producer who is very at home within cinematic worlds. Next, the Slovenian pairing of Ichisan and Nakova display some Yugo-disco groove with their take on 'Space 1999' (Series 1 for those Gerry fans out there). DJ Enne is next up with the his haunting take on the Tangerine Dream composed 'Streethawk'.

Over to New York now where Ulysees dishes out his trademark slick production on 'Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy'. Originally an old, old Eagles tune should the truth be told. Staying stateside, Florida based Sleazy McQueen turns in his quirky cover of the quirky 80's TV show Buckaroo Banzai. Things round off with a SCDC funked up take on Barbarella.

We are already well into Volume 2, so for all Starbound producers out there keep the (sample-less) covers winging their way into us. See you on the next pass of the comet…. The Nang cadets.

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