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As Nang completes its first two years on the planet things are going pretty well. We are certainly not getting rich in financial terms but the love of the music and plaudits are warming our souls to the core. Along the way we have also managed to work with some amazing artists and introduce some mighty-fine new ones to the world so it is with great pleasure that we bring you the 2nd installment of our 'Array' series. It is a stock-take of the best Nang tunes from the past year, some previews on future hits and some tracks we just had to release!

First up is Bottin's side project, Tinpong, who gets the sleazy funk, mid-period, prince re-work from Brixton-ite Marcus Marr. Groovy stuff and one our best sellers of 2010. Next up we head off to Argentina for a most glorious slice of tear-jerking, synth pop, 'Avila' from Nuuro. If it's euphoric synthesizer pads that float your boat then this is one for you. Our partnership with Slovenian Sare Havlicek has been one of the most productive and fun we have had since starting Nang. The all-round super chap has been one of the cornerstones of the early label's success. His early 80's Shakatak vibed 'Dreams In Light' is a representation of how the threads can all come together to make a great record.

Next we head off for some Baltic Disco with Proper Heat and their low-slung, disco-funk sensibilities all tied up in a great song (with vocals from Karolis Ramoska). The Heels Of Love are made up of Luca from Love Supreme and Michele Tessadri. For their Talking Heads / Devo flavoured 'Chain Gain' they are ably joined by Max Essa who turns in a fine vocal. Standby for 2011 album action from the Italian sound-alchemists. Every Nang Array album can do with an Italian Disco legend. We had Beppe Loda for Volume 1 so in this Volume 2 Danielle Baldelli has stepped up to the plate and his collaboration with DJ Rocca ticks all the right disco boxes. All we need is a new track from Moroder for Volume 3…. We are trying hard!

Now time for a change of pace and direction. Our first ever release on Nang was a D-Pulse 12", the b-side of which received the overdrive treatment as 'On A Highway To Saturn'. Summer grooves and sunsets to the fore in one of the best of many remixes. Next up DJ A-listers, Pete Gooding and Chris Coco, team up with Lotus Eater Peter Coyle for the most excellent 'Believe'.

Here at Nang we are most honoured to have not only one super chap Slovenian friendship but TWO. Ichisan and musical partner Nakova team up for their Yugo Disco, 'Pionir', the lead track from their most excellent album (and all around former Yugoslavian history lesson). Label cool-cat Toby Tobias is next with his ever so funky 'Fluffy Fruit'. To nearly round things off we get a second visitation to Beppe Loda's / MC1's 'Counter', this time however in the guise of the mysterious Radome version. The electronic bleepfest 'ASCII' from UK based Tapeia was such a beautiful piece of music we just couldn't pass it up for the last track. Think of it as bedroom love scene music between a forlorn ZX81 and a heartbroken Vic 20. For those in digital land we also have an exclusive version of Lusty Zanzibar's 'Girls From Zanzibar' big-beated, groovoid disco-chomper.

See you for Volume 3 in a year or so.

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1) Written by Le Bon, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor and Rhodes. Published by EMI Music. Synthesizers, guitar and trumpet by Bottin. All vocals by Joy Frempong. Electric bass and mouthharp by Ropie. Produced by Bottin in Venice Italy. Remix and Additional Production by Marcus Marr. 2) Written and Produced by Alejandro Ghersi. Published by Dharma Songs. 3) Written, Arranged and Produced by Sare Havlicek. Lyrics and Vocals by Hannah Mancini. Remix and Additional Production by Ray Mang. Published by Dharma Songs. 4) Written & Produced by Martin Virgin & Vitalijus Rodevicius. Lyrics & Vocals by Karolis Ramoska. Remix and Additional Production by Max Essa. Published by Dharma Songs. 5) Written by Luca Saponaro, Michele Tessadri & Matthew Bruce. Vocals By Max Essa. Produced by The Heels Of Love. Published by Dharma Songs. 6) Written, Produced and Mixed by Luca Roccatagliati and Daniele Baldelli at MarsLife Studio, Reggio Emilia, Italy. Published by Dharma Songs & Expanded Music Srl courtesy of P Playground. 7) Written by Klim Suhanov, Anton Kochnev, Semen Perevoshikov, Pavel Shutov, John Bryan & Hannah Mancini. Published by Dharma Songs. Produced by D-Pulse. Vocals by Hannah Mancini, recorded by Sare Havlicek. 8) Written by Pete Gooding, Chris Coco and Peter Coyle. Produced by Pete Gooding and Chris Coco. Published by Copyright Control. 9) Written and Produced by Igor Skafar & Jure Plestenjak. Remix and Additional Production by Lusty Zanzibar. Published by Dharma Songs. 10) Written and Produced Marin Iliuta. Published by Dharma Songs. 11) Written & Produced by Toby Tobias. Published by Rekids Publishing. 12) Written & Produced by MC1. Published by Copyright Control. 13) Written and Produced by Gregory Haigh. Published by Dharma Songs. 14) Written and Produced by Alex Graham Cordiner. Published by Dharma Songs.

(P) &(C) 2011 Nang Records

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